Care Package

Last week, we got word that we could begin sending our monthly care packages to Eli! Each new step after matching seems like a snowball effect where the reality of having a second child becomes more and more real! Preparing to send our first care package a few days ago was just that for us. We definitely got emotional looking for clothes, toys, and gifts at the store. Christian was equally (if not more) excited that he could be more involved in doing things for his little brother… You should have seen his face when he began to pick out clothes, dolls, toys for him!


Our instructions were to send things to Eli in a large ziplock bag and that was as much as we can send in one package. There is a small theme if you look at the items…Christian is really into dinosaurs right now…





There is definitely more ease and comfort knowing Eli will be seeing pictures of us despite his inability to understand that we are his new family (we made a photo album of us and our home and have also included it in the package).

In other updates, we are slowly getting approved for immigration statuses and if everything goes according to plan, we think we will be picking him up in March or April which is only 5-6 months away. After almost a year into this process, 5-6 months seems like a REALLY short time which makes us feel all kinds of feelings and emotions. We are still reading tons of books and learning more about attachment/trauma/grief/etc, and will resume with more fundraising pursuits, especially with our church soon.  We actually also got approved for a $6000 grant through Show Hope which will go towards the Emigration Permission fee ($5000). It’s only like 1/9th of the total cost, but we were so surprised and so thankful to God for this award. Still awaiting on a few more grants and will continue to apply for more as well as pursue our church fundraiser soon, hopefully next month, when our wedding season slows down a little bit. It’s been extremely busy on our end with our business, but we are still so grateful for the wedding season/work.

Please continue praying for Eli and his foster family as well every step of his transition into Maryland. Also, for our transition (esp Christians) and our fundraising pursuits, acceptance of our grants, and us just as a family during this busy wedding season. Lastly, we still have our previous fundraising efforts so if you feel led to please visit:

  1. Sweaters & T-shirts
  2. Go Fund Me



Thank you so much for your continued interest, support and prayers for us so far. As we eagerly await for our son, we will continue to bring more updates about the process! God bless everyone!