2013 Winter Wonderland in SOMD


This winter is the first real winter that Paul and I have experienced, and I’m grateful that it was here in Southern Maryland. Its been snowing quite frequently (in my opinion) and Paul and I have been trying to enjoy the cold, frigid temperatures as best as we can. I think we’ve acclimated pretty darn well, having come from LA where the temp is always cruising around 70s-80s. After around three months of 20 to 40 degree weather, we’re pretty much content when it does reach the 40s. Shoot, we’d be walking around in shorts, a tee, and some flip flops if it stayed that way!

Besides the temperature though, you can’t beat the visuals on a bright shining morning after a snowy night. I had to grab our camera one morning and go around town to capture some of this amazing beauty Paul and I were witnessing. Although I would have taken more, 20 minutes outside was just about enough for this still adjusting LA girl… I hope you enjoy and if you ever get a chance to, go out and really try to experience winter somewhere that has four seasons.

Many blessings!



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