Getting Settled in little Leonardtown… (Post from Friday, July 26, 2013)

As Paul writes about his final days in Glendale, CA I felt the need to write a little about whats been happening here on the other side of the coast (and of course, a perspective from the other side of this marriage as well…hehehoho). As Paul has eloquently written about our current transition we’re in, I just wanted to give a little update about life in the little town that we are to adopt as home.

Leonardtown, MD: This quaint little town has A LOT of rich history as well as culture. Founded in 1606 (“Seymour Town”), it served as a busy port and steamboat landing, and served to carry much goods and passengers to the Chesapeake Bay (which it did well into the 20th century). It was also affected by the Civil War, and its effects can be seen and felt all throughout the city and county, but I wont get into that as I entrust you guys will research that at your own leisure. Currently, it has around 3000 residents and The Square (the historic area of Leonardtown) holds businesses that range from Art Galleries, Hotels, Retail Shops, Restaurants, Salons, and most interestingly a Wharf (aka Leonardtown Wharf), which is a public waterfront park. Although the town sounds pretty grand from my description, the city itself is only around 3 square miles and the Square is a veryyyy small fraction of that.

I will try to post pictures of the Square. My sister (Sue) and her family live near the Square and Paul and I have found a little neat space near here as well, so I have accumulated a TON of pictures during the 7 months stay so far (did I say SEVEN months?! so crazy…).

But for now, I leave you with….





The first two pictures, I took literally 20 minutes ago and the last two are from some random website I found online…. Enjoy!

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