Too much has happened…… (Post from Wednesday, March 27, 2013)

Previously on “Paul & Susanna”………

……You can read our previous post.  That’s that.

I remember writing the previous entry in our one bedroom Azusa apartment last July 2012.  We moved in there last February 2012 and fortunately it was a month-to-month contract.  We were fortunate because we had to move back after Susanna was finished with APU and after she and her mother decided to partner in a business opportunity in Leonardtown, Maryland.  When Susanna had visited last June there to spend time with her sister and her family, somehow discussions of experimenting in selling clothes came about.  After buying some clothes at the Fashion District in LA, they would return to Maryland and take advantage of the plethora of people who flock to the various county fairs, events, and gatherings that this community often holds. You have to understand that there is not much to do in a lesser developed area compared to a big metropolitan city. So people show up.  People buy.  People eat. Also in these lesser developed areas are less……things.  Los Angeles fashion is remarkably alien to rural Maryland. I witnessed this straight from the shoppers’ mouths, as they screeched, gasped, and shrieked upon seeing these “cute” clothes last Thanksgiving weekend for Leonardtown’s “Annual Christmas on the Square.”   (I will never understand girls and fashion. Literally every article of clothing was “cute.” All animals are cute and people are cute, but shouldn’t clothes be “nice” or “cool” or “pretty.” There’s this common language and mutual understanding between girls and fashion…I guess I don’t have to understand because I’m a guy…But I’ll discuss my fascination with all this later).

Here are some pictures from last Thanksgiving:



Back to Azusa…..Little did we know that we would move back to Glendale within a month of writing that July entry, nor even knowing we’d be moving in with Susanna’s parents.  It all worked out well because Susanna’s mom would stay with her most of the time while me and her dad would be stuck in the home, not having anyone cook for us.  JK.  We took turns cooking mediocre meals, bonding over the meals, telling stories, playing Chinese chess, etc., all while Susanna continues to do well in these little events and an even greater opportunity rising…..
An opportunity arose for Sue to move business locations in which a smaller extension of the new location would not be used.  And after all the success in sales at these events, it was almost a no-brainer for Susanna and her mom to contemplate having a storefront.  After much prayer and decisions, they decided to pursue the business venture.  However, after an injury, Susanna’s mom was limited in how much she could help on top of having to do continual checkups on her aneurysm back here in LA.  After MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH struggle, toil, and trouble, the store finally had its grand opening last month, February 2013:
Under Construction: January 2013


Grand Opening: February 2013


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