Baby Showers

Hello. Paul here.

Approaching another life stage and shocked how normal it is for the rest of the world. Sometimes you think you have everything figured out at your age and the world revolves around you, but then you’re faced with the reality of having a living child be born and raised by you for the next 20+ years. It’s daunting and exciting and still very surreal. The picture below is of our baby shower in LA on August 2nd. I kept forgetting it was a shower for not only for our family, but also for me, the father of our son. That’s the kind of reality I’m not yet aware of and won’t be aware of until his actual delivery on or around the first week of October. With that said, we were so blessed to experience prayers, blessings, and love poured onto us, surrounded by friends and family – people who intentionally choose to love you although living halfway across the country. It’s so great to have a second home and people who will love you no matter the distance.


Below is a picture of our second baby shower in our current home: Lexington Park, MD. A great reminder of God’s love through the local body of Christ. Our family here in Christ also poured their love, prayers, and time onto us. I have recently allowed to find more optimism, positivity, and joy, although it is peak wedding (meaning work) season here. Work consumes me, but there is no room for complaint and worry as we get ready for our son to take over this apartment. Reality sunk in further as the powerful prayers poured over our son at the shower, and Susanna and I could not explain in words, the feeling of those prayers assimilating into our bloodstream. Even people whom we have not had a long relationship with were able to bless us and our son so abundantly in strong and lasting ways. What a great experience in this life situation we are entering into – parenthood!


Thank you to all our friends and family everywhere who pray for us, our son, all the amazing gifts, your presence, relationships, etc. We are overwhelmed by your support, to say the least. And thank you God for your tangible presence expressed through all these people. They are your hands and feet, mouthpieces, and embodiment of love in our lives. Lastly, thank you for the perfect and tangible expression of love through the personhood of Jesus Christ!

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