Christian Jae Min Kwak


Hi, my name is Christian Kwak. I am one month old and I love to pee and aim at my daddy, but never mommy, poo and sometimes even aim for daddy while he’s changing me, eat every two hours but sometimes every hour so my daddy and mommy can’t sleep whatsoever. One time I slept for 4 hours straight and made them very happy. I also love to burp, grunt, and grimace in pain from all the gas inside my stomach. It hurts, but once I fart and poop out my food, it makes me very satisfied, but I startle daddy almost everytime, because the release can be and sound pretty explosive. After I eat, it’s not all bad. Sometimes I like to stare off into space and contemplate my existence while moving my arms and legs everywhere. Overall, I’m enjoying life and love my daddy and mommy, and I think they’re always singing to me about someone. I love Him too. 


Tuesday, October 6th: Here we are one month ago, waiting for Susanna’s contractions to progress, after receiving Pitocin to induce the labor. Look how happy we are and well-rested we look! Just wait…..

1 month photos-6

The conehead shape is due to the prolonged pushing in the birth canal as well as the vacuum that the doctor had to use to get him out. He’s so stubborn! It literally looked like the doctor was doing plunging action from a toilet. I was horrified, scared, and praying.

1 month photos-21 month photos-91 month photos-171 month photos-22

1 month photos-25

Born at 7 lbs and 15.2 oz, practically 8 lbs! We tend to have seen Asian babies not being that big, but he was big and long and somehow fit a petite woman!


Able to hold him after standing for 3 hours. Can’t complain though, especially after 18 hours of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing from Susanna. I’m smiling for the camera, but of course I was so dazed by then. It was probably near 4am, Wednesday morning, October 7, when we checked in the hospital on Tuesday morning around 7:30am. Delivery is no joke!


My first unsuccessful attempt at swaddling.


We were in the hospital for a week because of his high bilirubin levels. So he had to constantly be on phototherapy and lay on his back on that light therapy thing. He was also losing water by being on that thing and therefore losing weight, on top of not enough breast milk coming in. He had lost 12% of his body weight and not pooping (because of not enough milk). Pooping and peeing helps the bilirubin be excreted so that’s why we had to supplement with formula. So days and days of waiting and weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, bilirubin, shmilirubin….agonizing….


20151011_030306 Like father….like son.


The best news new parents can hear: We’re going home!


first time in the car seat!


in his bassinet at home!


Two weeks old!


After a wedding shoot, came home to delicious chocolate birthday cake that I actually finished throughout 4 days! My wife is the best! Happy 32nd to me!20151019_080506


tummy time is one of my favorite times…and actually maybe Christian’s too. He becomes calm, curious, and just super darn cute.


I love Susanna’s pictures of him with our cameras. He was probably crying cause he was either hungry or had gas, not cause of the cute hat.

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