Today, I’m 6 Months Old

Much due for an update!





  • He’s crawling and loves following me around the couch. Imagine an older child and a younger child following the older while we’re both hysterically laughing. Such joy.
  • He’s been eating solids, however, we think it causes mild constipation (and multiple poops….don’t ask). He loves bananas and squash and we think it gives him super-saiyan energy out of nowhere.
  • He’s starting to laugh even more and we just can’t get enough of it. However, my head starts to swell in the back from all my laughing at his laughing.
  • He’s starting to do these mini-jumps out of our arms and of course startles us. This was a sign for us to purchase his jumper thing last month. You can’t imagine such excitement once he gets in. Gotta limit it to once a day, for his own good….
  • There are days where he pretty much cries most of the day, due to his teething, wanting to be held, wanting to be stood up, gas in his stomach, hungry, tired, sleepy. At any given moment, at least one or more of those things are occurring; UNLESS, he’s with people. He is so good with people and so extroverted. Makes us so happy, although we just read at this time, stranger anxiety can occur.
  • He’s sleeping around 10 or 11pm until 3am for his feeding, and then till 7 or 8am for the past few months. We thank God he sleeps like this. I know so many parents have it much worse.
  • He seems to respond to certain words such as: walk, milk, etc., and he even tries to talk back, but it repeatedly sounds like “uh.” Each time, you want and are hoping something else comes out, especially when you see such intense focusing and the gears turning in his head, but then….”uh.” Gets me every time.



“I love laughing!”

kwa fam bam-4.jpg

100th Day Birthday

Thanksgiving Photo-5


Both our families visited us during the Christmas holiday season. When they all left, we definitely felt for the first time a deep void not only in our hearts, but for Christian as well. This only cemented the idea to move back to California as quickly as possible. For our families to miss out on those aforementioned milestones should not be what’s happening.

Speaking of moving, we were toying around with the idea of moving to Northern Virginia at the end of our lease, but ultimately decided to stay in Southern MD. We thought we’d be saving money, but we’d actually be saving a little more money living in SOMD. So for now, we’d be staying here for the time being and happy to be near our church family as well as my sister-in-law and her family.


“I’m so smart. I can say my ABCs without looking at them.”


We have been in the off season for weddings since December, however, we’ve been staying busy finishing up editing 2015’s weddings, starting portrait photography, and launching our newly designed website:  Last year, we shot 51 weddings! By the grace of God, we have kept sane, progressed in our quality and style, all while maintaining a newborn. We’ve definitely learned so much – most importantly when to say no and to not overwork – although ultimately we don’t regret the amount of work we’ve accomplished. We look forward to the new year, pursuing further goals in our industry as well as big-picture goals of filmmaking.


“God, is that you?”


With the onslaught of full-time work and being an entrepreneur for the first time this past year, I felt my passion for ministry had to be somewhat sacrificed. During this off-season I’ve had some time to think about ministry which in essence allowed time to think about myself and who God created me to be. I feel I’ve gained more confidence and understood in depth, how to manage my time and resources better. We can’t thank Him enough for the immense joy we have raising Christian as well as the trials that have come along the way; whether it’s finances, direction, fatigue, etc. He has proven time and time again that He is working all things to those who love Him. It’s a promise that is indeed too good to be true.


“I’m free!!!! In Christ!!”


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