Adoption for the Kwaks



Adoption has been something that has been in our conversation ever since we became a family, over 7 years ago. Whether it was the various mission trips (China, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Chad, Bangladesh & India) we had gone on, dreams we’ve had in the night, being educated on adoption, and experiencing firsthand through many years; the successes and hardships of families with adopted children – we felt God’s small and large nudging as well as His expanding of our hearts to adoption.

For me, Paul, I believe a pivotal moment occurred back in 2010 while we were on a mission trip in Chad, Africa, in the middle of the Sub-Saharan desert. I remember visiting an orphanage and after that experience, letting everything sink in and breaking down in our group van. God was showing me His heart and how much He loves not just orphans, but all people. His heart also breaks for the injustices done to orphans and desires to adopt all children and people into His kingdom.


Coupled with my own issues of abandonment from my father at a young age that was just starting to resurface at that time and this experience in Chad, I told myself I wanted to adopt. There was so much pain buried deep within me with only having one parent, but I could not fathom what pain these children could potentially experience. We know our parenting will not be the elixir to this potential pain and hardship – only God’s love can heal in such a deep and profound way. But simply loving on them is our goal, because we feel God has called us to do just that.

We always knew this would someday be part of our lives but we were never sure of the exact timing of it all. Also, we would always ask the question if we should adopt first or have our own first….

After having Christian (who is now 3 years old btw!), our hearts’ desires only increased tenfold and feel now is the time. It’s amazing how we just happened to send our official adoption agreement to New Beginnings on my 35th birthday. What a truly special birthday gift from God!


The next steps would be to work with our Home Study service, Holt Agency, which takes on average 3-4 months, depending on the speed of the parents’ ability to turn in all paperwork & documents. The entire process is expected to take around or less than a year so it’s very likely that we’ll have our Korean son with us at home next year! What a thought!

Yes, we chose for a Korean boy through the agency, New Beginnings. We would love to adopt a girl next. Yes, we would love to adopt more than one, but we are taking it one child at a time. We understand all the possible hardships adopting may entail, but we also understand the success stories as well. Being able to journey with families that have adopted these past five years have only given us even more hope and passion for this calling on our family.

Adoption Agreement Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 10.01.46 AM

Part of the hardships though is the high cost, possible medical conditions, possible emotional problems, etc. I’ve been grieving already the time that we would not be able to spend the first year of our baby’s life (Susanna as well). Having spent every year AND CRUCIAL year with our son, Christian, I can’t imagine not physically being there to love on him the first year or so. I can only hope and pray that he is being loved to the utmost care by his caregivers. And this is another reason why costs are high; most of the funds are being given to the foreign agency to give the best care and all that is involved with taking care of the children to be adopted until they are united with their adopting family.

We especially would love prayers and any support throughout all this process. We will update as much as we can in our blog as well as our GoFundMe page:


We are choosing to be hopeful, and expectant for great things from a great God! We thank you in advance for journeying with us and are excited to share more!



Paul, Susanna, and Christian.


PS. Featured picture is of us right as we sent in our Agreement with New Beginnings.






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