First Steps

It’s been quite a productive first week in our adoption process! We’ve been able to get documents notarized, Live Scan fingerprinted, training videos, and signed documents upon documents!




All this was done shortly after we talked to our Home Study agent for over an hour what each document is and just an overview of our Home Study process. Hopefully we can turn in everything fairly soon and then we will have a social service worker inspect our apartment as well as conduct a few interviews. We also have to seek out a psychological exam as well as various medical exams.

We have also started our Adoptive Parent Training, which is required for the Home Study (pictured above in second picture). There are so many things that we need to prepare for… not only the obvious things like getting all of the materialistic necessities, but also preparing emotionally for our adopted child. There will be a lot of research we need to do on our part to get the best understanding and knowledge of what our child has gone through, which starts of course from the very beginning (the circumstances surrounding the birth parents to the pregnancy and of course, post delivery and the care thats surrounding our child). We have just begun to learn about some issues that adoptees have had, and there are many! They come regardless of age, race, or gender… We know even more now through the training that we need to be even more prayerful in every step as we journey through this adoption.

What may seem overwhelming has actually not been though. There have been only some personal and emotional setbacks which we will write about in another entry. But for now, we are taking the necessary first baby steps with joy and hopefulness!

And lastly, for those still wanting to support us in anyway, we have setup a Go Fund Me page here at:

Thank you for your prayers and support thus far! Stay tuned for more!


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