Homestudy Interview pt. 1

Email to confirm our homestudy!

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 6.37.56 PM


By the grace of God, we were able to schedule our first home study interview this week and we JUST finished our first interview with our social worker, Jennifer.

We are beyond excited to have finished this first part and to finish our second interview in less than two weeks.

She asked us about our marriage, parenting, Christian, and of course adoption. She was super warm and made us feel so at ease. And luckily, Thor, being the super friendly cat that he is made her laugh so much.

Here is a picture of our clean home after she just left:



In our discussion with Jennifer, we realized we should soon be talking with Christian about the topic of adoption which contrasts with what our pediatrician suggested which was that we should talk about it with Christian pretty late in the process. We are so excited to borrow some books from the library about adoption and have it be a part of our normal conversation with him.  It is in fact a normal thing in our society so we’re excited to have these discussions.

Also, we have decided to tell Christian about his adopted brother when we first get matched. This thought is really exciting for us and even more of a reality for our lives! Christian had already been asking about having siblings ever since two years ago so as his parents, we’re so excited to finally bring him the news of a new brother!

Stay tuned for further updates soon!


  1. Please continue praying for us in this process!
  2. Thank you SO VERY MUCH to those who have bought t-shirts and sweaters through our fundraising site. To those who want to check out our fundraising site, visit: Kwak’s Adoption Tee
  3. We also have a Go Fund Me page here at: Go Fund Me


Many blessings from the Kwak family!




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