Homestudy Interview pt. 2

We can’t believe we are done with our home study portion! Our social worker interviewed each of us individually for over an hour and asked us about our childhood, parents’ lives, difficulties growing up, attachment issues, etc.

Ever since I started my healing journey in my 20s, from the deep pain & rejection I felt from our father leaving us when we were children, it became apparent to me, how intentional I must be in all my relationships to not only love them as Christ loved them, but more specifically, to have them discuss their lives to me starting from their childhood. Why?

When my healing journey began, I was astounded at how deep I buried my emotions. Therefore, if I was able to experience this journey, who was to say I was the only one? And so, I made it my mission to be vulnerable in as much of my relationships as I could. As I expected, I saw people become vulnerable while others deflected, which is their self-defense mechanism and all they know.

All this to say, it was just as exciting to be on the other end of the discussion with our social worker and discuss my life in its ENTIRETY! My mission has come full circle after over 10 years, only to learn……. that I have so much to learn…..

We had to read a fascinating article pertaining to four attachment styles. Mind you, when we receive our son, he will have already attached to his caregivers/foster parents for the length of his infancy. So this interview from our social worker was intended to analyze if we had any potential issues in how we would potentially attach with our adopted child based on how we were raised and lived our lives.

When I share my testimony to people, I always praise God who blessed me with Susanna whose family dynamics was completely opposite of mine. They have had their fair share of problems, but I’ve learned how profoundly having one extra parent in a child’s life attributes to more functionality and overall positive influences (in most cases, I believe.) And now being a parent, there is so much complexity that is occurring constantly, I don’t even know where to begin! And I know there will constantly be things to learn and grow from.

I didn’t mean for this blog update to be so introspective, but there is obviously a lot to process: the ongoing journey of being a parent, now trying to understand our attachment styles, our own lives and the kind of positive/negative influences that occurred, and our new boy who for all we know could have been born yesterday or is due in the nearby future!

We now eagerly await for our social worker to finish her report and after it is reviewed by our adoption agency, Holt, and us, it will then be sent to Korea. After Korea receives our report, it will take a month for us to be matched with our son. So hopefully, relatively soon!

Thanks for reading this long and stay tuned for further updates!


P.S. We are loving the pictures that are being sent to us with you wearing our adoption tees and sweaters! We can’t thank you guys enough for your support!! We are still selling them through here:

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And to those who feel led in donating not through clothing, here is our Go Fund Me page:

Go Fund Me


Thank you guys!!

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