We are officially waiting for a referral which is otherwise known as a match for our child. Within the next few weeks, we will see a picture of our son! Once we get a match, we wait again. I believe from the time of the referral to going to Korea’s court is the largest block of time of waiting for us. Compared to the adoption process, it’s amazing how short the pregnancy process is! From the time we started on October 18, Susanna could have been almost 8 months pregnant! But we would gladly wait for however long as needed.

In other news, come July 2nd, we will officially be in Southern Maryland again. All of the traveling that we have been doing is too much for us and we would be traveling significantly less since most of our weddings we shoot are on the East Coast. It pains us so much to leave all of our friends and family, but are at peace now with what God has planned for us. Each season of our lives in Southern MD & back in Los Angeles has been so full of life lessons and breakthroughs.

Some highlights from our life here in Los Angeles:

1) Precious time spent with family & friends

2) Launching WonderOak Creative

3) India/Bangladesh trip;

4) Obviously our adoption process starting,

5) A short film we are beginning to birth about issues in adoption.

So we are expectant of great things from a great God back in Southern MD.


  1. Smooth transition back to MD
  2. Funding/grants for our adoption
  3. Not too long of a wait from referral to traveling to Korea


Thank you so much again to those who are buying our shirts & sweaters and donating! Here is the link for that: Tees & Sweaters

And we are also taking donations through Go Fund Me: Go Fund Me

Stay tuned for more soon & possibly a picture of our son soon!!

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