Homestudy Update

Just a quick update. We are settling in our new life in Maryland and still waiting for a referral (matching with a child). We were told it would be 6-8 weeks, but it is around 12 weeks now so we’re hoping nothing is wrong on Korea’s end.

Because we now live in Maryland, we have to do a homestudy update and already had 2 home visits /interviews with the social worker. Maryland is a little more strict with their policies such as (needing a fire extinguisher INSIDE the home, the social worker NEEDING to see the outlets and cabinets child-proof, a bed in the child’s room since two children cannot be co-sleeping with us, etc.). Also, the social worker had to personally interview someone from our reference list, which was something that wasn’t a part of CA’s homestudy requirement. Fortunately our friends we befriended here in Southern Maryland 5 years ago (who also moved to California state around the same time as well as moving back to Southern Maryland a little before we did) were available. So grateful for Zach who was interviewed as a reference who made himself available last minute. Also, a fire marshall had to also come inspect our home. These are all good things, and we were reminded that it is Korea that is strict. Korea needs to see that everything is perfect and as if a son is being sent to our home “tomorrow”.

Personally, things won’t become real to me until I see a picture of our son. Otherwise, it all feels like a dream and surreal. We are eagerly waiting for a match and pray it will come soon!

We are also reading The Connected Child and learning of techniques to cope with our son who will possibly act out due to missing his caregivers and other detachment/attachment issues. Please continue praying with us for full funding, as well as no crazy hiccups as we wait and receive our child from Korea.

Again, our Go Fund Me page is here: Go Fund Me & still doing our tees & sweaters fundraising: Tees & Sweaters


Thank you so much!!

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