So we got the best news a few weeks ago! (Apologies for the late post, but things have been busy and we’re still adjusting to Maryland).


We got our long awaited match!!

After officially starting our adoption on my birthday, October 18, 2018, we now know who God has chosen for our second child. He is perfect, completely healthy, and has a wonderful foster family looking after him.


After months of praying, Susanna and I have decided to give him Elisha (Eli) Kwak as his name, after the prophet in both 1 & 2 Kings. After Elijah the prophet, Elisha’s mentor and father-like figure, got taken up to heaven, Elisha was given a double portion of God’s anointing and power and we want to declare our son, Elisha, to be used in power and prophesy to the world of God’s great love for all.


We estimate by the time we pick him up which could be sometime early next year, that he will be around 2 years old. A little older than I desired, but the perfect age Susanna was praying for these past 10 months. He is a little over 2 years apart from Christian and we are excited and eager for them to meet and begin their bonding with each other!

Now with our excitement comes the preparation of bringing him home. This of course includes all of the education we can get on how to transition Eli to our home here in America. We know we will be facing difficulties ahead as he adapts to a new family (having already been attached for so long to his foster family in South Korea).

So our NUMBER ONE prayer would be for Eli to transition well and also for all of us, especially Christian, to adapt and process through this with as much ease and grace as possible.

We have always told friends & family back home in Los Angeles just how much of an impact our community here in Southern Maryland has made for us to adopt and we have been so blessed to continue meeting and reconnecting with people here who understand or are even in the beginning and middle stages of adoption as well. It’s SO much more normalized than we even remembered.

Post-matching, it was amazing just how much more paperwork needed to be done and things that had to be notarized, signed, and sent over. I never could have imagined the amount that we have been doing, and there will still be more…. But for now, as our lives have become more stable here in MD, we will finally be able to focus more on fundraising as well as to continue to pay for the large expenses associated with the adoption. If you feel led to, you can purchase a shirt here at:

Adoption Sweaters & Tees

or donate to our Go Fund Me page at:

Go Fund Me


So again, please pray for us. We believe in the power of prayer:

  1. Prayer over Eli and his transition to our home in MD.
  2. Transition for our entire family post placement.
  3. Funds to pay for the matching fee ($21,000) & the emigration process & travel costs.
  4. Grace and peace during the next stages of paperwork (still about 6 months left).
  5. For Christian and Eli’s relationship.



Thank you everyone for following us this far and for all of your support and prayers!!

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